Travel Zoo / Victory Casino boat shoot

The editors at Travelzoo asked me if I’d shoot the Victory Casino out of Port Canaveral for an upcoming story. Specifically they wanted an image of the ship with no marina or dock in it. This meant either camp out on the inlet or... take my aerial quad copter out to sea. The choice was easy but flying off the top deck 4 miles out proved to not be so easy. I was shocked at how many people had just watched the 60 minutes story on aerial drones. Many people asked if I worked for Amazon and I laughed. As I made my way through the ship, it was awesome to see how much interest there was to see the quad fly. A little over a year ago when my fascination for these RC quad copters started I never dreamed I’d be flying one off a ship out at sea for an assignment. Here's what I came up with: commercial photographer commercial photographer   commercial photographer   For any commercial photography in Florida contact me at my website or 407.896.2757